6th Dec.,2016  Shenzhen Farwide Electric Co.,Ltd was established in Qianhai Shenzhen


4th Jan.,2017   The core team moved to the R&D center on the 5th floor of Changhong Science and Technology Building in                                                       Nanshan Science and Technology Park.

29th Mar.,2017  Shenzhen Farwide Electric Co., Ltd. production center stayed in the Silicon Valley Power Qinghu Park.

30th Apr.,2017  The first direct torque drive sample(5.5KW) completed various performance indicators testing.

10th May,2017  The first direct torque drive (5.5KW) was successfully debugged in a military field and reached the                                                                        application level of international brands.

15th Jun.,2017  The new 120% load test system has been successfully debugged, which solves the industry's problem of                                                            loading test of high-power medium and low voltage drives.

25th Aug.2017  The first medium-voltage direct torque drive(55KW) was successfully applied and debugged in the                                                                      underground 2km, which can meet the needs of supporting industrial applications.


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