Low-Voltage Drives

V/F Control Drive
V/F Control Drive

Main features: high reliability, high ease of use, compact structure design, built-in DC reactor
Advantages apply to: pumps, fans, air compressors
Power range: ACS530 series 380V 1.5-132KW

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Vector Drive
Vector Drive

Main features:
High reliability, high ease of use, compact structure design, built-in DC reactor
Advantages: machine tools, ceramics, woodworking, glass, centrifuges, food processing, textile equipment, stone processing, industrial washing machines, permanent magnet synchronous motors, etc.
Power range: ACS580 series 220V 0.4-2.2KW 380V 1.5-355KW

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DTC Drive
DTC Drive

Main features: leading energy efficiency, excellent performance (sensorless application), perfect replacement for closed loop vector control (non-position control), full AC motor efficient and reliable drive with low speed PM motor for direct drive, support for mainstream communication protocols
Advantages: lifting lifting, crimping applications, petroleum screw pumps, electric submersible pumps, synchronous reluctance motor applications, permanent magnet synchronous motor applications, DC motor applications
Power range: ACS860 series 380V 3.7-560 KW 690V 55-1400 KW

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Multidrives Modules Drive
Multidrives Modules Drive

The main features of this series of drives:

1. The structure is modular side-by-side installation, the top common UDC DC bus structure

2. The power supply part can be selected from basic diode rectifier module, IGBT intelligent rectification and feedback module (UDC constant function), inverter motor module, etc.

3. Performance has the key features of high energy efficiency, large torque at full speed, fast response, accurate position control, and stable torque and speed.

4. The system belongs to engineering type, Dafuyu large derating, high reliability design

5. For more detailed information and application, please contact our representative.


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